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Camping Rig

Below is a gallery to show our new truck/camper rig./ All of our future trips will be taken using this rig. The camper is a 2016 Rayzr by Travel Lite Campers- FK Model(full Kitchen model) and is designed to fit a 1/2 ton truck. Weighing in @ 1100+ pounds+ gear, you hardly even know it's on the truck at all.

We have modified the interior a bit and we will have photos of that coming soon. Let talk about the exterior for a moment. As you can see there is an extension on the rear of the camper. This is a hauler that fits into the hitch attachment and allows us to carry additional gear as needed. Currently, we carry a VIBE 72 Quart Cooler and on our first run with this cooler it kept the ice frozen for 4 days and we still had plenty of ice in the bags for the freezer!

We also carry a Sportsman 3000 watt Generator and a small Tool Box. As you can see in the images we have built a big white box. This box was the ingenious idea of Lori and I have to say it works great. We constructed this from cabinet grade plywood and then painted it inside and out. It fits snugly into the rack area then we strap it down with one ratchet strap. In front of the box we have an open storage area where we place out Gas Grill, Gas Can and Portable Toilet. On the sides of the camper inside the bed of the truck, we store our hoses and a small step stool we use to get in the camper.

The tailgate acts as our deck when folded down. A little customization can go a long way when you are striving for simple, yet organized.  Stay with us, we will have a lot more images and video of this rig as we develop it further.  Feel free to offer any comments or suggestions.

Our Camping Rig

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